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“Smartphone instead of keys. That’s what I call smart.”

FUHR Bluetooth SmartAccess: Smart radio module and Bluetooth5
FUHR Bluetooth SmartAccess: Woman

Smart access control via Bluetooth

FUHR Bluetooth SmartAccess

Convincingly good:

Easy to useEasy to use

Extremely convenient access with a smartphone, e.g. in hands-free mode.

Dependably secureDependably secure

High security with an encryption process similar to online banking.

Easy to installEasy to install

Bluetooth radio module can be easily attached to the motor drive and invisibly integrated in the door.

A variety of solutionsA variety of solutions

Access control the smart way with Bluetooth – via smartphone, radio key, SmartConnect door or SmartTouch.

Added-value solutionAdded-value solution

Combines mobile access with conventional access control in one module, providing the ideal combination of security and convenience.

Practical featuresPractical features

Easy administration of rights, etc. via an app.

  • Latest version of Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5

  • Secure – versatile – mobile access

  • Fits all FUHR motorised locks

  • Prepared for cloud-based access management

  • Availability expected in 2021

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