FUHR DuoSecure technology: background

„If it's really good,
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„This technical solution has doubly convinced me."

FUHR DuoSecure technology: locking type 10
FUHR DuoSecure technology: processor

The automatic locking system for added security

Always securely locked thanks to DuoSecure technology

Convincingly good:

Reliably secureReliably secure

Reliable locking process with innovative bolt combination.

Secure locking processSecure locking process

Guaranteed by the unique, process-controlled DuoSecure technology.

Convenient openingConvenient opening

Effortless key actuation through 2-step opening process.

Robust release principleRobust release principle

Its contactless magnetic release is tamper-proof and impervious to dirt and grime.

Comprehensive range of solutionsComprehensive range of solutions

This complete product range has the right answer for every requirement – with standard, motorised and panic versions.

Rigorously system-compatibleRigorously system-compatible

The same cut-outs, the same frame parts – fits the entire range of FUHR system solutions.

The automatic locking systems for increased security
  • Optimised locking process and secured with robust latching bolts

  • Even more security with strong hook bolts

  • Motor drive either retrofittable or pre-installed

  • Robust and long-lasting – tested for min. 200,000 actuations

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