Emergency door solutions: background

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Emergency door solutions: panic push bar
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Emergency door solutions

Diversity in an emergency

Convincingly good:

Extensive choiceExtensive choice

Comprehensive range of emergency door locks for single- and double-leaf panic and emergency exit doors – for practically every standard and requirement.

Reliably secureReliably secure

All our emergency door locks are designed to meet a variety of requirements and standards and are certified in accordance with EN 1125 and EN 179.

Conveniently compatibleConveniently compatible

As modular components of the FUHR range of system solutions, our emergency door locks and accessory components are suitable for all types of door material.

A diverse range of options and accessoriesA diverse range of options and accessories

Automatic and motorised versions, switch contacts, a servo feature and accessories such as panic levers or panic push bars.

Well-thought-out additionWell-thought-out addition

For sophisticated requirements: a multi-functional system solution for full panic doors with double-sided, automated door leaves.

Panic push bar
  • Stainless steel panic push bar –
    EN 1125, for active or fixed leaf doors

  • Modern, straightforward design, hard-wearing, robust manufacturing

  • Tested with the emergency door locks of the multisafe, autosafe,
    and multitronic series

  • Practical equipping options, such as antibacterial surfaces or fluorescent lighting clips

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