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The outstanding fully motorised lock

FUHR multitronic 881

Convincingly good:

Comprehensive range of solutionsComprehensive range of solutions

Meets the highest standards of security and convenience for houses, residential buildings and emergency exit doors. Doors are always locked and sealed with this fully automatic, motorised locking system.

Easy to operateEasy to operate

Easy to open from the outside via state-of-the-art access control systems such as fingerprint scanner, SmartConnect, SmartTouch, or from the inside using the door handle or via an intercom system.

Dependably secureDependably secure

Sturdy and durable – tested to withstand at least 200,000 operating cycles.

Incredibly convenientIncredibly convenient

ServoAccess, the convenient option for easy, motor-assisted opening via a key or the door handle.

Broad compatibilityBroad compatibility

Has a wide range of connectivity options as standard, such as an intercom, an alarm system, or a an electrical swing door opener. Suitable for all types of material.

Comprehensive rangeUniversal application

Designed to meet the highest standards. The standard version of the emergency exit door lock with panic function is certified in accordance with EN 179 and EN 1125.

  • Straightforward, rational plug-and-play installation

  • All components can be integrated in the door

  • Dual motor for high-speed locking and unlocking

  • Easy to expand via FUHR radio access systems

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