Renovation lock range: background

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Renovation lock range: three-part faceplate
Renovation lock range: key service

Renovation locks

Perfect for replacement and retrofitting

Convincingly good:

Universal application

Replaces virtually every type of multipoint lock – regardless of manufacturer.

Greater securityGreater security

Ideal solution, e.g. for doors fitted with a mortice lock or roller cam lock.

Unlimited applicationUnlimited application

High flexibility due to modular design.

Easily adaptable

Flexible sizing options and freely selectable lever height.

Wide range of solutionsWide range of solutions

Customised locking types for individual requirements.

Comfort as desiredComfort as desired

Also available as automatic lock for convenient door locking without a key.

Renovation lock
  • With three-part faceplate and serrated rods

  • FUHR silver or stainless steel faceplate

  • Non-handed use

  • Lockcase available separately or pre-assembled

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