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FUHR SmartTouch
FUHR SmartTouch: Lady

KeylessGo technology for the front door

FUHR SmartTouch

Convincingly good:

Incredibly convenientIncredibly convenient

Open the door conveniently without a key by simply touching the door handle. All you need is a SmartKey in your pocket or bag: just approach, touch – and enter.

Reliably secureReliably secure

High-security encryption during signal transmission, an automatic blocking time after each time the door is opened, and a SmartKey switch-off function in case of inactivity.

Flexible applicationFlexible application

Can be installed in all types of material without restriction.

Easy to useEasy to use

Ideal for use in family homes or wherever you need to open doors extremely conveniently and reliably.

Smart applicationSmart application

The active SmartKey is automatically detected by the reception module when approaching. The detection range is individually adjustable.

Easy retrofittingEasy retrofitting

All FUHR motorised multipoint locking systems can be retrofitted with SmartTouch without effort.

  • High-quality stainless steel door handles in a wide variety of designs

  • Also available as an activation button

  • 200 user SmartKeys programmable

  • Master principle prevents unauthorised programming and deletion

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